Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Girls night in is back!

Now that the AFL season has come to a close, it is time to reclaim the television!

Invite the girls over for a girls night in ...

If your man is like ours, and has become accustomed to owning the television on Friday and Saturday nights, then it won’t be easy.

Here are some tips:
1. Tell him that the local pub is replaying the last 4 AFL grand finals on the big screen
2. Become friends with his ex-girlfriend and invite her over for your girls night
3. Tell him you are having a Tupperware party

It’s not a girls night in without Tim Tams so all Girly Gadgets DVD’s come with a free packet! Home made choc chip muffins are pretty good too (if you can’t bake, the Betty Crocker range are delicious) and of course a bottle of pink bubbly always starts the night off!

We have a great range of chick flicks including old favourites like Ghost, Bridget Jones Diary, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sliding Doors and some new favourites too like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Check out www.girlygadgets.com.au

What’s your favourite chick flick?

Stay girly!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer's latest nick nack

When the WAGS appear in their - glamorous, revealing and often tacky - dresses, there is only one consolation ... summer has arrived!

Girly Gadgets breathed a sigh of relief as the temperatures started soaring, blue sky appeared and the sun was shining happily this weekend. Not only does pink look great in summer, pink looks even better at parties.

Get ready for barbecues, outdoor birthdays and girly soirees. We have found the best summer nick nack ... The party barbecue glass holder! Wow. Now we can wave to our girlfriends, keep track of our glass of Dom Perignon and maintain elegantly a plate of delicious summer offerings.

Summer parties have never been so delightful.

Don't forget to check out other great summer accessories like pink camping chairs, gorgeous pink party tubs (for filling with ice and pink champagne of course) and get some sun on the golf course with your very own pink golf clubs.
Check out more great girly gifts at www.girlygadgets.com.au
Stay girly!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heelarious baby booties - all just a bit of fun!

What are you smiling about?

The Heelarious baby booties have created a media frenzy in Australia and New Zealand and everyone seems to have an opinion.
Excited Mums, Nanna's and Aunty's are ordering the booties in the hundreds calling them "adorable", "cute" and "just so funny".

For women who adore shoes, it is a race to buy newborn baby girls their very first pair of high heels.

Apparently it is not all fun and cuteness. Pyschologists, professors, journalists and reviewers are all having their say and calling the shoes "sexualising", "ridiculous" and "dangerous for girls self esteem".

Ninemsn had a poll running and 50,000 readers voted on whether they thought the baby booties were "bad for babies".

Our website www.girlygadgets.com.au/ is the only shop selling the shoes in Australia and our website hits have gone crazy. We received hundreds of emails from excited people who love our website and all the fun girly gifts we sell.

A few people sent complaints, asking us to "stop selling the shoes". Some even spent hours preparing carefully drafted emails with footnotes relating to articles on eating disorders, anexoria and the like. I replied with carefully drafted emails including footnotes to articles about the importance of smiling and laughing each day.

And, I am still smiling.

Stay girly!