Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do you love about online shopping?

Girly Gadgets loves online shopping!

We asked the girls around the office and some of our favourite clients to tell us why they love online shopping. Here is what they said ...

"I love online shopping because I can do it at home and it is easy to compare prices with other shops" ... Cassie, Mum with three children

"I love ordering a gift, forgetting that I ordered it and then getting a SURPRISE when the presents arrive" ... Lisa, Office Manager

"I love receiving packages in the mail and I don't have to queue up" ...Rachel, Lawyer

"I love sending people gifts and making them feel special"... Petra, Florist

"Online shopping is so easy. I am addicted to it!" ... Seeyan, Accountant

"You try shopping with two screaming children! Plus I love playing on the net." Teresa, Mum with two children.

So why does Girly Gadgets love online shopping? We love getting presents in the mail! That's why we always wrap our gifts in beautiful boxes with tissue paper and satin ribbons - so that you feel like a princess when your gift arrives.

Here are some other shopping sites we love: - this site sells all your favourite cosmetic brands at discounted prices. All orders come gift wrapped too. - Chocolate online, what more do you need? - Available in Sydney, this shop delivers gorgeous little cup cakes to your doorstep.

Don't forget to check out for some really fun shopping online.

Happy Shopping and Stay Girly!