Friday, July 16, 2010

Because they're worth it!

It's no surprise that I love shoes.  Shoes, shoes and more shoes. High heels, stilettos, strappy sandles, ballet slippers ... I love them all.  Yesterday, I was dreaming about purchasing a pair of extravagant heels from one of the designer boutiques in Collins Street. They were the most equisite shoes I had ever seen with soft elegant straps covered with just the right amount of diamontes and a cute kitten heel.  Not only were they well about my budget, I couldn't help but think about how many pairs of shoes I have ruined by walking around the city.  Working near Collins Street is not only dangerous for the shopping nearby, there are so many cracks, holes and slippery spots that even a short walk round the corner can leave you tripping or in the least bruising a gorgeous pair of heels.  The city was just not made for ladies in heels!

It was either give up heels, or find a solution! 

Good news ladies, Original Sole knows how we feel and has brought out a range of gadgets for shoe lovers. Their slogan is "every pair of your shoes deserves one" and I tend to agree.  If you really want to wear your favourite pair of shoes without ruining your heels, try "Heel Huggers" .  They are plastic protectors that slip onto the bottom of the heel and shrink to make an invisible fit.  No more bruised heels!    And for those slippery winter days, Original Sole also has four cute styles of grippers that stick on the sole of your shoe.  They come in cream, clear and black.  My favourite is the sassy red heart which looks really cute on the bottom of your stilettos.

And, if you love shoes as much as me check out for the upcoming shoe exhibitions in your city.  Just imagine, a whole exhibition filled with shoes ...  heaven.

Hmm ... I might strut back down to that shoe boutique and try those heels on again.

Stay girly!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I especially hate when my heel gets caught in between the cracks on the sidewalk.

Cool Gadgets said...

It can make anyone longer the she is.