Monday, August 9, 2010

Take a deep breath shoe lovers ...

Guess what shoe lovers! Now you can have your very own shoe booth to store your precious shoes.

That's right ladies, you  are not dreaming ... This shoe booth is real and will solve all of your shoe storing issues! No longer will your Jimmy Choos be swallowed by your wardrobe.

An Australian shoe addict who got tired of trying to source a rack for her shoes, decided to design one herself. And, it has all the makings of furniture designed by a woman for a woman.  Not only is this shoe booth sleek and sassy, it has tinted windows so that your shoes will blend with any decor and it comes with a remote control lighting system. The remote allows you to "set the mood" for your shoes.  You can select spotlight, all glow or soft mood lighting. 

Available at Girly Gadgets, the BaBoo Shoe Booth comes in two sizes.  The Imelda fits 55 pairs of shoes as well as bags and boots and comes in gloss black or gloss white while the Carrie fits 25 pairs of shoes plus bags and boots.

Shoe shopping anyone?

Stay girly!

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Bindi B said...

OMG!!! I love this!!!!