Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be prepared for those last minute invites ...

Boadroom to Bar Essentials

The AFL grand final is just around the corner and for most of us, this means the beginning of the social season.  With spring fashion and racing carnivals, end of year celebrations and of course Christmas, you never know what's happening next!  The October to December party circuit can leave even the most Paris Hilton in us, checking in to a day spa for a week of recouperation.

But while most of us love a good party, we don't always appreciate a last minute invite, so it's good to be prepared.   Having a black dress jacket and an extra pair of shiny heels under your desk is a good start but what about those little essentials for a quick freshen up?

Our friends at Miette Beauty have created the perfect essentials kit "From Boadroom to Bar" and contains everything you need to freshen up before a big night (bar a little black dress!).  The set comes in a cosmetic bag and includes emergency items like moisturiser, tampons, toothpaste, deodrant, makeup remover and nail polish remover. It even contains an Advil pain reliever which might help get you in to work the next day!

Miette Beauty also has two other essentials kits "From Wheels to Heels" and "Beach Essentials".  Each set costs $29.95 and refills are available.  Check them out at - The Boadroom to Bar kit is definitely going to make my social life a little easier over the next few months.  I might even add a spare of stockings, some perfume and a pair of my foldaway flats into my kit and then I think I will be just about ready for the social season ...

Miette Beauty Essentials kits are now available at Girly Gadgets!

Enjoy the party season and stay girly!

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